Deep Creek Lake Weather

Enjoy four seasons of fun at Deep Creek Lake! Each season brings an enjoyable change in weather, scenery, and activities all around the lake, allowing you to experience four unique periods at the lake. No matter what time of year, you are sure to have beautiful views from Will O' The Wisp!

Spring at Deep Creek Lake


The weather during springtime at Deep Creek Lake can vary. We have been known to experience a mix of winter, summer, and spring weather all in the same month. Once the snow starts to melt and the days start getting longer, the trees and flowers begin to bud, and spring is in full swing! Typically, the weather around the lake in the spring can be mild and rainy; promising bright flowers and trees come the end of the season. Spring is a quiet time for the area and Will O' The Wisp, making it the perfect time to visit if you are looking for a relaxing getaway!

Summer at Deep Creek Lake


Summer is by far our favorite season at the lake! Since we are located in the mountains of Western Maryland, the cooler climate helps keep temperatures and humidity from getting too high. It is typically 10-15 degrees cooler than surrounding areas. Early on in June, the weather can be mild with a mix of rain showers and warmer temps. During our peak season, July and August, we usually have drier weather. The water temperature of the lake can even get around 75 degrees during the late summer season! September can also be a beautiful time to visit, as it is usually still warm during the day with refreshing cooler summer nights.

Fall at Deep Creek Lake


Fall brings the brightest of colors to Deep Creek Lake. Early fall months can be dry and mild with pleasantly warm and moderate temperatures. Around the end of October and throughout November, we have been known to experience a few snow showers! This season is an incredible one to view around the lake. Once the leaves begin to fall, the view from Will O' The Wisp over the lake is breathtaking. The colors of the leaves changing are unmatched, and October is also the home to the annual Autumn Glory festival held in Oakland. You'll have to make sure you experience the beauty of a Deep Creek Lake autumn for yourself!

Winter at Deep Creek Lake


The Deep Creek Lake area is at the highest elevation point in Maryland, so we are known to have an amazing winter! On average, we can get 10+ feet of snow each year, making it a prime destination for winter activities! Wisp Resort is just minutes from Will O' The Wisp and is Maryland's only downhill ski resort. At Wisp, you can be sure to experience a winter wonderland like no other! From 35+ downhill trails and 7 lifts, you can get your fill of time on the slopes. Although our winter season runs from November through March, weather can be harsh at times, so we definitely recommend packing plenty of warm clothes!

Webcam overlooking Deep Creek Lake

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Fall Drone Shot of Will O' The Wisp